Govt increases petrol price for next fortnight

Supply of petrol continues as usual at PSO pumps: Spokesman

KARACHI, July 25 (APP): The supply of petrol is continuing as usual at the pumps of the PSO, said the spokesman of the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) on Tuesday.

He was of the view that the PSO had satisfactory stock of petroleum products.

The spokesman said the PSO staff was busy day and night to meet the requirements of the consumers.

Meanwhile, on Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) decision for tankers’ fitness and road safety, the Oil Tankers Association had announced strike which had affected the supply of petroleum products.

The chairman of the All-Pakistan Oil Tankers Association, Mir Yousuf Shahwani, maintained that the strike was against cut of freight charges, `challans and imposition of undue fines by Motorway Police’.

Meanwhile, an official pointed out that there was a stock of 2.1 million metric tons of petrol in the country as well as 400,000 metric ton of diesel.

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