Karachi heatwave

Karachi temperature to flare up in May, June

KARACHI: Another extreme hot spell has once again been predicted for Karachi by the Met Department with another possibility of heat wave that had claimed lives of two thousand people last summer.

According to forecast of Met Department, temperature will flare up in May and June to the effect that last year’s record also may be broken.

Last year, temperature rose to 47 as soon as the fasting month of Ramazan began in June, triggering a heatwave in Karachi. The deadly hot spell continued for several days.

According to reports, around 2000 people most of them elderly citizens died of heatstroke.Karachi heatwave


“May and first half of June are likely to remain drier and hotter than normal. That would increase the probability of occurrence of heatwaves over plains and coastal belt of the country,” a seasonaly advisory issued by the Met office said.

Heatwave conditions in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral may accelerate glacier melting and trigger GLOF events in the coming summer season.

Due to intense heating, monsoon onset is expected to be early during second half of June 2016. El Niño is declining and global climate models predict it to run in the neutral phase during monsoon season. – NML 


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