Drone halts traffic at Dubai airport

Dubai imposes temporary visa restrictions on Pakistani travelers: report

DUBAI:UAE has imposed temporary visa restrictions on Pakistanis aspiring to visa Dubai for the New Year and Christmas celebrations, said Chairman Travel Agents Association Naeem Sharif on Tuesday

To celebrate the beginning of the new year and Christmas, 300,000 Pakistanis have already arrived in Dubai. But new applicants are in for disappointment as new applications for visit visa are being denied, according Naeem Sharif.

The association chairman said that the applications sent for Dubai visit visa on Monday were rejected without any valid reason.

The applicants have been issued a notice, advising not to file new applications for now.

Nadeem Sharif said that due to a huge number of Pakistanis being already present in Dubai, the new applications will not be accepted for now especially the time around new year and Christmas.

The restriction is temporary and will be lifted in January, said the chairman. – NML

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